Stanisław Bielecki

Stanisław Bielecki
Professor and Rector
Technical University of Lodz, Poland

Full professor at the Institute of Technical Biochemistry, Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences of the Lodz University of Technology. He is interested in biocatalysis, industrial biotechnology, molecular engineering of biocatalysts,  biocatalysis in noncoventional environment, enzymatic synthesis of oligosaccharides, biosynthesis and application of biopolymers especially bionanocellulose.

Author and (co)-author of over 200 research papers and review articles and many patents. Member of the Advisory Group for priority 2 of 7th FP, Member of the Scientific Committee European Section on Applied Biocatalysis, Previous chairman and member of the he Committee of Biotechnology, Polish Academy of Sciences. Active in many national and international platforms for development industrial biotechnology and bioeconomy. Rector of the Lodz University of Technology.

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