Nathalie Moll

Nathalie Moll
Secretary General

After graduating with Honours in Biochemistry and Biotechnology from St Andrews University, Scotland, Nathalie worked in the biotechnology and food policy area for the European Crop Protection Association and then for the Italian National Biotech Association, Assobiotec and Dompe' Farmaceutici S.p.A, dealing with the implementation of EU biotech legislation at National level.

In addition, Nathalie has spent almost a decade representing the European Biotechnology Industry through EuropaBio in the posts of External Relations Manager, Director for Strategic Policy, Director of the Healthcare Biotech sector, Director of the Agricultural Biotech sector and most recently as Secretary General since April 1st, 2010.

In the course of her career, Nathalie has focused on improving awareness of the importance and benefits of biotechnology for Europeans and has worked, together with the industry, regulators and stakeholders, towards developing a more supportive legislative framework for the industry and related sectors.

This speaker will participate in the following session(s):

Panel Discussion: Enhancement of Policies and Markets

How to tackle the competing uses of biomass and the technological changes?