Lene Lange

Lene Lange
Director of Research
Aalborg University

Lene Lange is Director of Research at Aalborg University. Concurrently, she is Professor in Biotechnology at Aalborg University as well as Campus Director for Aalborg University Copenhagen.

Ms. Lange has reached research director level positions in both industry and academia and have hereby acquired extensive experience from all parts of the knowledge-value-chain: research, technology, development, innovation and commercialization.

Her professional career includes experience and career positions in both private and public research institutes. After a post doc position she was employed as scientist in DANIDA Research Institute (1978-86). The major part of her career, 1987-2007, took place in the private biotech industry (Novo, Novo Nordisk, Novozymes A/S) finishing in a top research career position (Director of Research, in Molecular Biotechnology) within Novozymes R&D.

From February 2007 Ms. Lange was back in academia. First as Head of Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen, and from September 2008 as Dean of Research and Professor in Biotechnology at Aalborg University, Denmark. In December 2010 Ms. Lange was promoted to Director of Research at Aalborg University and she has been leading her own research group running in parallel with managerial positions throughout the career.

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