Johan Elvnert

Johan Elvnert
FTP Manager
Forest-Based Sector Technology Platform

Johan Elvnert has a degree in Molecular Biotechnology Engineering and vast experience in the management of strategic research collaborations aiming at increasing industrial competitiveness.

Johan Elvnert has been involved with European research and development activities, and in particular the FTP, as from the moment he joined DG Research of the European Commission as a detached national expert. After this assignment he remained active at the Brussels level acting as a consultant to various reserarch intensive organisations prior to joining FTP in November 2009 as co-ordinator for the Star-Colibri project. As from April 2011, he is the manager of FTP.

This speaker will participate in the following session(s):

Panel Discussion: Public-Private Partnerships - Building the Value Chain

Opportunities and challenges for the value chain actors.