Emmanuel Koukios

Emmanuel Koukios
National Technical University of Athens, Bioresource Technology Unit

Bio-based development has been the major subject of Emmanuel’s research, already since his doctoral thesis work (on straw fractionation). Later, in the mid-1980s, as a Professor at the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), he established the Bioresource Technology Unit (BTU), a dedicated bioeconomy and biosociety RTD group, operating within the School of Chemical Engineering.

BTU’s approach is a systemic, as well as inter-/multi-disciplinary one, involving extensive networking with more than 100 groups in more than 20 countries. To promote such networking, he has worked in several visiting academic and research positions in Europe and North America (MIT, UT Austin, UC Berkeley, and Purdue U., USA; Sherbrooke U., Canada; U. Veszprem, Hungary; European Commission, DG Research). For the last 3 years, Emmanuel has been chairing the Advisory Group of FP7’s Theme 2: KBBE (Knowledge-Based BioEconomy).

His areas of activity include Chemical Engineering of Biological Systems; Energy and Chemicals from Biomass; and Technology Management and Strategy; his current research interests include biohydrogen, biorefineries, sustainability of biofuels, and the emergence of bioeconomy and biosociety. His professional record in the field of biosciences and biotechnologies is characterised by combining engineering with strategic intelligence aspects (i.e., technology assessment, evaluation, monitoring, foresight, regional studies, as well as socio-economic and risk analysis).

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