Andrew Morgan

Andrew Morgan
Chief Scientist
DuPont Nutrition and Health

Dr. Andrew Morgan is Chief Scientist for DuPont Nutrition & Health and has over 30 years’ experience in the biosciences including food ingredients, health & nutrition, animal nutrition, food and feed enzymes and plant biotechnology as well as innovation management, business development and corporate venturing.

He has worked and lived in the UK, Denmark, France, Finland, the Netherlands and USA. Andrew has a Biochemistry Degree and Doctorate from Sussex University in the UK and spent the first 12 years of his industrial research career with British Petroleum (BP Research and BP Nutrition – today Nutreco) working in the fields of plant and microbial biotechnology.

He has held various board memberships including Chair of the UK’s Biosciences Knowledge Transfer Network (since 2008) and previously was a member of the boards of various biotech start-up companies and the SusChem European Technology Platform (2005 – 2007) and has served on the Governing Body of the UK’s Institute of Food Research  (2003 – 2009).

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