About the BIOPROM Workshop

This workshop aimed to demonstrate and promote innovative dissemination and communication approaches in the field of bio-economy. The idea was to use these approaches in order to bring research and science to the people, from young to old and from non-experts to experts. The experience of the science-centres showed that interactive and exhibit-based actions are very effective in transferring research results to the people. The advantage is that people will learn while playing and having fun together. Especially, public funded research should give something back to the public.

The workshop gave an overview of these innovative communication approaches and fostered discussions between different stakeholders on the understanding of the bioeconomy and its main fields of science.

Some of the discussion and debate results will certainly be used when concepting and planning the BIOPROM travel exhibition which is currently in development within a running FP7 (EU funded) project.

Coordinator of BIOPROM was Andreas Moser at moser@rtd-services.com.

The BIOPROM Workshop took place the 27 March 2012 at Experimentarium Copenhagen, Tuborg Havnevej 7, 2900 Hellerup, Denmark.