Bioeconomy in Action

– Boosting bioeconomical growth in Europe in a smart and sustainable way

This conference was the launching event of the Commission Strategy “Innovating for Sustainable Growth: A Bio-economy for Europe” adopted in February 2012. It was organised by the Danish Presidency of the European Union, The Danish Council for Strategic Research, and the Danish Centre for Advanced Food Studies. The conference addressed the opportunities and challenges in boosting smart, sustainable and inclusive growth in Europe - and how Europe can take a leading role.

The conference was a true success, with about 300 participants from different backgrounds: policy makers, representatives from states in the EU and outside and from the European Union institutions, researchers and representatives from universities, and stakeholders from the entire bioeconomy.

Based upon the conclusions, statements and lively discussions, “The Copenhagen Declaration for a Bioeconomy in Action” is now published. The declaration presents the key findings and recommendations presented and debated at the conference.

The conference was the starting point and a significant first milestone for Europe. Realising the European research- and innovation capacity and the full potential in pooling forces and bringing together both public and private players in closer partnerships is one of Europe’s most important challenges.

It is our common hope that this conference and declaration will help building new partnerships and taking initiatives to bring the bioeconomy in action in Europe, reaching out globally in a strategic way - and driving forward a global and biobased economy.

About the conference

The Bioeconomy in Action conference was a major event to discuss the Commission Strategy “A Bio-economy for Europe” which was adopted in February, asking the question: “How can the bioeconomy boost growth in Europe in a smart and sustainable way?”

Bioeconomy in Action will take the strategy discussion one step further than earlier practices, and lead to build partnerships to effectively integrate the conference outcome in the value chains of the bioeconomy, to create changes in society. A special focus will be made on how to realise the full potential of the bioeconomy in pooling forces and bringing together both public and private players in closer partnerships (P2P´s and PPP´s) with a longer term approach.

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